Exhibition Update

ATL Fulfilment’s – Thoughts on Omni Channel Marketing

ATL Fulfilment took a tentative step towards the exhibition side of our business this week to evaluate what’s new in the world of e-commerce and Order Fulfilment.

In building our market growth plan, the big thing to understand was where the big shifts are going to occur in the end customer market Exhibition Coverplace in the next couple of years. By far the biggest topic being covered by most of the software and platform promoters was the shift to Omni Channel marketing. It seems that to attain maximum growth in an e-commerce market and grow market share selling the product across all platforms and media is going to be essential.

The long-standing aim of omni channel retailing is simply phrased: to give customers a seamless experience across channels, whether they’re in the store, on the website or using their mobile device. But the difficulties of integrating technology means that aim is out of reach for many retailers and smaller e commerce concerns. The market leaders in this field are Intershop who have been developing their systems since 1992, they now provide a complete system across all platforms with seamless integration of customer experience across every touchpoint. Check them out at www.intershop.com

One of the market leaders in solutions suited to both small and large enterprises is Magento. Teaming with eBay Enterprises they were demonstrating scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. Magento solutions are also supported by a robust partner network and consulting services that offer training and support to help maximize the success of their clients. Well worth a look.

At the other end of the Exhibition we were particularly impressed by the range of packaging solutions presented by Rajapack Ltd, with over 3800 different products and next day delivery on most see them at www.rajapack.co.uk.

On the packaging front we were also impressed by Lil Packaging a super range of both standard and bespoke card packaging offering lower cost efficient packaging. See them at www.lilpackaging.com

ATL Fulfilment is all about multi-channel fulfilment – how to do it, what software to use, what outsourced contractors to consider, and how to tackle storing, picking, packing and delivering goods in small consignments, as well as dealing with delivery failures and returns. We cover the “happening end” of the supply-chain spectrum – where businesses harness new and old technologies to keep their delivery promise, whether purely B2C or also B2B.

We aim to help guide retailers, wholesalers, e- commerce traders large and small through the maze of hardware, software, technologies and strategic issues in the increasingly topical multi-channel market.