What is Warehousing & Fulfilment

Warehousing and fulfilment are the main elements in storing and sending stock and products that are usually sold online via an e-commerce website.

Many people who own and run an e-commerce website will do their own warehousing and fulfilment from home. Warehousing would be storing the products in a spare (or not actually spare!) room.

Fulfilment is the completion of the order process – updating stock levels, packaging, sending the product, dealing with returns etc.

Outsourcing the warehousing and fulfilment to a dedicated company is the logical step when looking to expand. Many people will find that their house and time is taken up with dealing with stock, packaging and sending products, rather than concentrating on generating more sales and generally improving your business.

Warehouse & Fulfilment Benefits

A dedicated warehouse and fulfilment facility such as ATL have lots of experience in dealing with big and small businesses and understand the pain points that people and companies go through.

Smaller start up businesses selling through a website or Ebay / Amazon may need to free up more space in their home. They may want to spend less money on packing and sending their items. They don’t want to handle and deal with returns.

Using a warehouse and fulfilment company can really upscale your operation. There is a cost to employing a warehouse and fulfilment company, but this usually pays for itself through cheaper delivery rates, more time to generate more sales, plus your get your living room/kitchen/spare room back!

There are a many reasons for smaller businesses to really consider partnering up with a warehouse and fulfilment company.




Larger businesses may deal with a lot of the same issues as smaller start ups, but on a bigger scale. Often the case is that larger operations require more flexible storage solutions and the scaleability for including more space on short notice, as well as fast turnaround times for packaging and sending orders., whilst ensuring that returns are dealt with correctly.

Total Fulfilment Solutions

At ATL Fulfilment we offer full service solutions which are designed to make your life as easy as possible and allow you to spend your time doing what your good at.

This is the process that we can offer:

  • We take delivery of your stock at our warehouse.
  • We unload the van / wagon / container and stock your products.
  • Our software integrates with your and we get notifications when a web order is completed.
  • We pick & pack the order then send it off.
  • Your stock levels are reduced by the amount that has been ordered.
  • When your stock levels get too low we can auto order more from your supplier and the process starts again.

Delivery rates with a fulfilment company are much more favourable that they are to the general public due to the large volume of parcels that get shipped out.




If you have questions or want to more more about how ATL can help you and your business please give us a call on 0843 515 2222 and our friendly team will be happy to help.